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Service Units

Service Units

The Indiana University Kokomo Library encompasses the following service units. Learn about each unit's activities and find their contact details below.

Access Services

The Access Services unit delivers resources to users through local collections and interlibrary loan services.

The Access Services unit is responsible for three primary activities:

  • Circulation Services
  • Reserve Services
  • Interlibrary Loan

Contact Access Services

  • Phone: 765-455-9513
  • Email

The Acquisitions unit acquires and provides access to library collections, including online materials.

Activities of this unit include:

  • Selecting, acquiring, and licensing collection materials
  • Receiving, checking in, claiming, and paying for collection materials
  • Configuring and maintaining continuous access to online materials
  • Assessing collection relevance, usage, and accessibility

Contact Acquisitions:

Cataloging & Discovery

The Cataloging and Discovery unit acquires, creates, maintains, and shares metadata for library resources.

Cataloging and Discovery unit activities include:

  • Adding, removing, and maintaining records in the library's catalog, IUCAT
  • Processing and preparing physical library materials for use
  • Developing and administering tools, systems, and applications to connect users with library resources
  • Troubleshooting and resolving resource access issues

Contact Cataloging and Discovery:

Distinctive Collections

The Distinctive Collections unit assemble, manage, and preserve special, archival, and other curated collections in specific areas. These collections - both physical and digital - include unique and rare primary materials as well as contemporary published materials.

Distinction Collections include:

  • Campus Archives
  • Government Information
  • Faculty Publications
  • IU ScholarWorks

Contact Distinctive Collections:

Instruction & Research

The Instruction and Research unit teaches the use of library resources, provides research assistance, and collects reference materials.

Activities of the unit include:

  • Providing library instruction and tours to students and faculty
  • Collaborating with users on both general and specialized research questions
  • Creating tutorials and research guides to help users define, locate, and evaluate information sources

Contact Instruction and Learning:

Scholarly Communications

The Scholarly Communications unit supports Indiana University Kokomo faculty and students by providing supplementary methods for disseminating research and creative activity output.

Our services include:

  • Guidance on copyright in scholarly research, publishing, and teaching
  • Scholarship publicization via a faculty display case and online guide
  • Assistance with scholarship preservation in the insitutional repository, IU ScholarWorks

Contact Scholarly Communications:

User Experience

The User Experience unit collaborates with other library and campus units, as well as external vendors, to design and implement solutions to improve online library experiences for all users.

User Experience unit activities include:

  • Developing intuitive and user-centered library web content
  • Providing analytics-informed guidance for library discovery, access, and public services
  • Researching and applying ideas from the field of UX research

Contact User Experience:

Last Updated: 8 January 2018

Last updated: 01/18/2018