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History/Political Science Degrees 

Whether you pass hours binge-watching the History Channel or spend your weekends chasing down historical markers in your community, a history/political science degree from Indiana University Kokomo may be for you. By fusing the separate but complementary disciplines of history and political science, our program fosters an understanding and appreciation of local, national, and international historical and contemporary events and issues. We take history outside the classroom with learning opportunities like participation in student organizations, field trips, conferences, internships, and more! Students who graduate with a history/political science degree will have skills in interpretation, analysis, critical thinking, writing, and research.

Bachelor of Arts in History/Political Science

The Bachelor of Arts in History/Political Science offers three tracks, allowing students to specialize in history, political science, or law and society. All three tracks include a required senior seminar in which students are expected to produce a significant piece of research. This program provides the opportunity for students to explore internships in the local community at historical societies, political organizations, and legal offices.

The law and society track teaches students to be active and aware citizens and provides them with the skills needed for a career in law. This concentration divides the student's major classes into a history/political science foundation so that they understand United States and international history and politics, a humanities foundation which requires classes focusing on communication, writing, and logic skills, and law specific in which students take classes focused directly on legal issues in fields including sociology, criminal justice, labor studies, and business.

Bachelor of Science in History/Political Science

The Bachelor of Science in History/Political Science meshes with the Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. Students who complete the dual major in secondary education and history/political science will graduate with depth in both the history/political science discipline and teaching.

We like to take things outside the classroom, too.

This field relies on real-world experiences outside the classroom–and we make that happen. After all, history is going on all around us! Students take trips to regional museums like Grissom Air Museum, Kokomo’s Seiberling Mansion, the Automobile Museum, and Conner Prairie just to name a few! You’ll be encouraged to work on research in your own communities, learning about the people before and around you.

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to begin your history/political science degree, you can get started by contacting our admissions office. For more detailed information about degree requirements and course offerings, please visit our academic bulletin. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact someone in our department; we’d love to help!

Last updated: 11/09/2017