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Department of Communication
and Performing Arts

When you become a part of the Department of Communication and Performing Arts at Indiana University Kokomo, you won’t just be sitting back and listening to lectures. You’ll be learning by actually doing. This course of study will give you an opportunity to create public relations campaigns for local community groups, perform in a variety of musical ensembles, see your work published in IU Kokomo’s newspaper, The Correspondent, act in plays, and engage in public events like debates and interviewing workshops. With our extensive offering of internships, you’ll spend some time learning on the job and networking with employers while you’re at it. 

IU Kokomo offered me opportunities that would not have been available at other schools. It offered me hands-on experience through internships and projects where we worked with community members. It helped me learn skills outside of the classroom - like how to work with clients and how to communicate with others to ensure the best product/service is given.

Krystyn Bell, B.S. '14, Communication

We like to dive right in.

If you’re interested in careers within public relations, journalism, government service, music, performance, or any other field that relies on presentation and writing skills, communication and performing arts may be the right choice for you! We offer these degrees:

You can customize these degrees to your specific interests and aspirations by selecting a concentration within your degree or by adding a minor. To learn more about the curriculum, degree requirements, and courses offered, feel free to visit our academic bulletin

A Lifetime of Success

Senior caps college music career with recital
The first student to complete Indiana University Kokomo’s performing arts program will demonstrate how her vocal ability has grown, with a capstone recital. Faith Renken, who has studied voice with Wendy Grice for the last four years, was among the first to choose the degree in humanities with a concentration in performing arts, when it became available a year ago. "Just finding something I’m passionate about, and being able to earn the degree on the Kokomo campus, is an amazing opportunity."
Students learn more than acting
As a half dozen girls dance and twirl their way to the center of the Havens Auditorium stage, Garry Grice holds up his hand, stopping their progress to ask one of them to remove her baseball cap. “Number one, we need to be able to see your face in the pictures, and number two, it’s bad luck to wear a hat onstage unless it’s part of your costume,” he says, before motioning to start again.
Students explore career options and culture
Indiana University Kokomo communications students were “blown away” by the job possibilities in Chicago. During two days in the Windy City, 40 of them explored their options, meeting with professionals in advertising, public relations, sports operations, radio performance and production, and theater.
Lighting artist shares tools of the trade
For many people working in theatre, the goal is to light up the stage with a memorable performance. But for Diana Kaiser, her job has been done well when it goes unnoticed. Visiting artist Kaiser, a lighting designer, gave Indiana University Kokomo students a backstage pass to the behind the scenes career opportunities available to them in theatrical arts.
Last updated: 11/21/2017