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The Honors Program and Kokomo Urban Outreach Video Transcript

A blender runs and mixes ingredients in a bowl.

“This is Flor Valdes. She’s preparing food as part of a project for her Honors Colloquium. The goal of the class was to look for solutions to fight poverty.”

An image of four students holding containers of food and smiling.

“These are her classmates. Cheryl Ferwerda. Alika Smith. Ashlin Triplett.”

Flor is shown mixing ingredients and speaks to the camera: “For breakfast, we’re doing French toast. The girls have got it started out there.”

One of her classmates is shown serving the breakfast.

Flor continues to work in the kitchen with her classmates. “For lunch, we’re making rice. Mexican rice I guess you could say. And then for dinner, we made pasta mayonnaise and canned fruit.”

Jeff Newton begins speaking: “The way this project came together was I was invited to come to the class and I was supposed to bring up volunteer opportunities and so what I did was I passed out empty page papers and everybody wrote down what they would like to do and there was a group that said they liked to cook so we have them prepare meals at our food pantry to teach our volunteers how to use the food so they can in turn teach the guests that come through our food pantry a way to have them experience what it’s like and also a way for us to help people stretch food stamp dollars to help them become self-sufficient.”

“This is Jeff Newton. The executive director of the Kokomo Urban Outreach.”

Two of the students are shown teaching volunteers about food preparation.

Volunteers check out a pamphlet about the food pyramid.

Flor and one of her classmates are shown working in the kitchen.

“Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.”

Flor and one of her classmates go out to serve food to the volunteers.

“Learn more about the Honors Program and what it can do for you.”

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Fulfilling the Promise 

The Honors Program and Kokomo Urban Outreach Video

The Honors Program and Kokomo Urban Outreach Video Audio Description

Last updated: 02/27/2018