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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Honors Program at IU Kokomo involved with the annual Honors Day Ceremony?

No, the Honors Program honors our graduating seniors in the annual event held in May, but we're just one of the organizations giving awards. Awards presented by the Honors Program are honors medallions, recognizing the academic excellence achieved by our students. 

What’s the difference between being named to the Dean’s List and participating in the Honors Program?

Students named to the Dean’s List have earned a Grade Point Average (GPA) greater than 3.5, whereas our GPA threshold is 3.3

What is the difference between receiving Academic Distinction at graduation and the Honors Program? 

Academic Distinction is for students who are in the top 10 percent of graduates in a school or division. The Honors Program involves the kinds of coursework one does, not just GPA.

Is the Honors Program at IU Kokomo similar to high school honor societies?

The Honors Program does not focus on accelerating your education. The Honors Program aims at increasing your educational opportunities while you are here at IU Kokomo through special projects, research and internship opportunities, etc.